Top Tips for Working From Home

Given the current timeline, working from home seems to be part of the new normal. You might have transitioned to working from home swiftly and effectively. However, if you’re struggling with the change, fear not — you aren’t alone. To help, here’s a list of top tips to help you work from home.

By now, we’re quite familiar with the struggles of working from home. Whether you find it hard to achieve that work-life balance, or you just can’t seem to adjust, we want to help.

We’ve put together a list of tips to keep you at the top of your work-from-home game.

Top Tips to Work From Home

The work-from-home process is different for everyone. However, certain things are the same, across the board. With our list of top tips, we’re here to turn your work-from-home process into just another easy, streamlined day at work.

1. Create an Office Space

Working from home can seem like quite a thrill, at first. However, moving your workspace into your home can blur the lines between your work life and your home life.

If you’re struggling to find that balance, here’s a handy work-from-home tip. We would recommend creating a dedicated office space. Coming up with a dedicated office space doesn’t mean spending time and money that you might not have on renovations or redecorating.

All you have to do is establish an area where you’ll work, every single day. By doing this, you’ll automatically switch into work mode, whenever you’re there. This can also help you switch off, once you leave the area after your workday.

Finding a dedicated workspace is easier than you think, too. For example, you could set up your office at your dining table. You could also set up a dedicated work corner, with a desk and your work computer.

Sticking to this top tip helps create a separation between where you work, and where you live. It might not seem like much, but it could make a real change in your daily activities.

2. Stick to a Morning Routine

When you work from home, it can be tempting to forego your carefully crafted morning routine. However, we’d recommend that you don’t do away with it, just yet.

Sticking to your morning routine can give you a sense of purpose before you begin your workday. It can also help you mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Even if you’re not commuting to the office, a morning routine can help prepare you for your day at work. Furthermore, a cup of coffee and some me-time will give you something to look forward to, before you tackle the first thing on your to-do list.

If you don’t know where to begin before your work-from-home process, we’re here with tips! Generally, you could try a short stretching routine, before having a light breakfast and a cup of coffee. We’d also recommend getting dressed, as this will help you switch into that, “at work” mental state.

3. Come up with a Daily Plan

If you’re working from home, it can feel like you’re not getting enough done in a day. Due to this, you might be tempted to extend your work hours beyond the usual time-frame.

However, this can be easily combated by coming up with a daily plan, a to-do list, or a schedule. Spend the last ten minutes of your day coming up with a list of things to do tomorrow.

By sticking to a list, you won’t get distracted by other, less-important tasks. You can also reference your list at the beginning of every day.

This will help you establish what needs to be done, and checking off one more task every so often will keep you motivated throughout the day. This tip is a great way to manage your workday, at home.

4. Communicate with Colleagues – The Most Important Work-From-Home Tip

Working from home generally means that face-to-face conversation now takes place on Slack, Zoom, or other online methods. This can be a little tough, especially if you’re used to communicating with your co-workers in person.

However, your workday at home doesn’t have to be like that — especially not with this tip. Don’t let the distance deter you from suggesting a catch-up via Google Hangouts, or sending a message to check in with them. It’s likely that your colleagues feel the same way, so your messages could be a welcome break!

Furthermore, keeping an open line of communication with your colleagues can help combat the loneliness that seems to go hand-in-hand with the new normal. It can also help everyone feel more connected, and foster of sense of teamwork despite the physical distance.

Key Takeaways

It’s important to remember that we’re all adjusting to the new normal. If you’re finding your feet while you work from home, be kind to yourself — you’ll get there!

Still, remember to communicate with your colleagues, so they know how to help. We’d also recommend trying out our handy tips to make the transition even more straightforward!

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