Newsletter – July / August 2021

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Happy August and I hope you are all enjoying the fine weather. While a huge amount of our clients have now been doubly vaccinated, the increase in the number of infections is worrying, not just from a personal health point-of-view, but the negative effect it could yet again have on Irish business. Hopefully, the numbers will plateau soon, and we can continue to enjoy the freedom we have had over the last few weeks.

Are you still eligible for the EWSS?

With the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) extended until 31st December, Revenue have announced new changes to the scheme. From 1st July, employers are required to complete an online Employer Eligibility Review Form (ERF) and declaration through ROS on a monthly basis. The initial ERF, which will be used to assess eligibility for pay dates for July 2021, will need to be completed and submitted online between 21st and 30th July. Thereafter, this must be submitted by the 15th of every month until the scheme ends in December. Please contact us if you are concerned if you still qualify.

Refer a Friend – €50 Voucher

We are embarking on a new sales campaign from 1st September. Our best new clients come from customer referrals. If you know of a friend who would benefit from our service, please refer them to us, and in return, we will forward you a €50 pre-paid credit card as a thank you! Terms and conditions apply.

Personal Finance Corner – Qualification for the State Pension

The majority of the readers of this newsletter are self-employed as sole traders or directors of limited companies. We are frequently asked “Will I qualify for the full state pension?”. The answer is each person’s circumstances are different. We have partnered with an ex-social welfare officer, who is an expert in this area, and can answer your question comprehensively. He charges a small fee. If this is of concern to you, or you want to understand what you can do to qualify for a full state pension, please contact us and we will send on his details. In the past, we have found that by recommending a client to pay additional voluntary contributions for a number of years, it secured full state pension in the future.

Amendment to the Cycle to Work Scheme

The amount that qualifies for the scheme is now increased to €1,250 for a bicycle and accessories, or €1,500 for pedelecs or an ebike. In addition, in the small print we found the following interesting fact – “Your employer may buy the bicycle and not require you to pay for it”. So in simple terms, you can buy yourself a bike and not pay anything towards it at all, or if you want to be nice to an employee, you could also buy them a bike.

Events Sector – COVID Support Scheme

Applications opened on 4th August and close on 31st August so get your applications in ASAP. The fund is capped at a total of €11.5m.

Who is eligible to apply?

This scheme will be open to those SMEs who provide services to the events industry, including services to provide for the production of all forms of live performance, trade shows, including event promoters, event management, conference organisers, security, supply of sound, lighting and stage equipment. Businesses, whether sole traders, partnerships or incorporated entities operating within the events sector and who are ineligible for CRSS, may apply. This scheme will have two funding streams:

  • Stream A: Businesses providing services to the Arts and Culture sector
  • Stream B: Businesses providing services in the broader Events sector

If you think you may qualify for this, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in completing the application.

Good News for Electric Vehicle Company Car Users

Company car users can now apply for the EV Home Charger Grant. This means that electric passenger vehicles owned or leased for an employee are eligible for the grant. The current scheme provides a grant up to the value of €600 towards the purchase and installation of a home charger unit. The company vehicle must be primarily parked overnight at the employee’s place of residence. You can apply on the SEAI website.

HR Corner

A client, Adare HRM, carried out a survey among HR professionals, and here are some facts emerging form that survey:

  • Employee turnover at its lowest in five years, according to research
  • Employees leaving COVID-hit businesses to seek career changes creating employee shortages
  • High risk of pent-up employee attrition to potentially impact businesses
  • One-third of employers experienced workplace disputes, despite many employees working remotely
  • Jump in the number of businesses planning salary increases this year

The research for the HR Barometer 2021 was carried out in March and April 2021. Telephone interviews were carried out with over 150 Senior HR Professionals. Over the next weeks, we will be sharing information from the report and giving you the opportunity to access the entire report. If you would like to gain access today, click here.

Tax Warehousing

Revenue announced recently the extension to December 2021 of this facility. That means that no interest will be charged on any warehoused tax debts, until January 2022. This will greatly assist many businesses in rebuilding their cashflow as COVID problems ease.

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